What happens when two superstars collide? It causes a warp through space and time itself, capable of erasing any evidence of a pulsar scientists had been studying for five years now--- sorry, wrong story. What actually happens when an iconic celebrity creates a collection for an iconic sneaker line is probably just as exciting for the high street fashion community.

Pharrell Originals Consortium

Celebrated music producer and all around pundit Pharrell Williams has teamed up with the sneaker culture monolith that is Adidas Superstar, to unveil his upcoming line of footwear, the Originals Consortium Superstar collection. This month, he previewed the collection in the Italian publication, L’Officiel Hommes Italia. The Consortium sneakers will be a continuation of the Originals line that Pharrell has already established with the Adidas brand, and it seems they will carry Williams' distinct, vibrant style in a multitude of colors.

It is that same distinction that has made Pharrell such a recognizable tour de force in the world of music production and beyond. Likewise, the familiar, time-proven idiosyncrasies of Adidas Superstar brand - fondly dubbed "shelltoes" by the common plebes - have cemented the style all throughout society. The Superstar line was introduced in 1983 and has been adorned publicly by basketball champions, Run DMC (they even wrote a song about it!), and people of every shape and bend.

This is not Pharrell's first foray in the fashion world. His company, Bionic Yarn, specializes in transforming used materials into durable, fashionable material, yielding a result that is both trendy and ecologically advantageous. Last year, Bionic Yarn collaborated with denim legends G-Star Raw last year to create a collection called "Raw of the Oceans." The man is an unstoppable tsunami himself, after all. Nor is it Adidas' first partnered effort to share their well-crafted footwear with the visionaries of the contemporary fashion world.

The Originals Consortium Superstar collection will not be available until March, but from what we've already seen, it promises to be as explosive as two galaxies ripping each other apart so they can finally be together as one. Or, at the very least, worth checking out this spring.