Wobbleland 2015 - Incoming Transmissions.

Over this last weekend, the moguls behind the young but credible Wobbleland festival announced Phase 1 of their 2015 lineup. The event, which will take place in San Jose, California at the City National Civic, put tickets up on sale last week, but are only now revealing the first few headliners of the two day EDM palooza. Until the actual event, new artists will be added every Tuesday and Thursday; today, the first handful arrived!

The added acts include San Jose native bass musician Getter, and local future bass act Trollphace. The initial roster (check out the flier below!) featured up-and-comers like Jackal, who we spun on a mix just last year, and other exciting dubstep and bass artists.

The Wobbleland festival launched only back in 2011, but at its inception featured present day high-profile acts such as Nero and Skrillex, and manages to come back every year with exciting artists. They eagerly promote back to back sets of your favorite new acts, and an electric atmosphere to match the ever-playing soundtrack.

Be sure to follow their official Facebook page if you are so inclined, so you can stay up to date with who you're most excited to check out at the festival. Wobbleland will take place over the weekend of February 28th and March 1st, and it's definitely a wise and welcome way to end its awkward, short predecessor of a month.



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