One thing that most every American enjoys is good, strong denim. Our shared, near-universal love for the textile has carried its use from the late 1700s, where its durability popularized it amongst blue-collar, manual labor workers, to today, where its versatility makes it a valuable material for the fashion world, to anywhere in between due to its insane adaptability.

So, of course we are excited to share the news that Stampd, a local favorite high street fashion brand here in LA, will be re-releasing their "Stampd Moto Denim" line of trousers beginning today. Moto denim, or motorcycle denim, is produced by inscribing details directly into the jean: ribbing, premeditated rips, and most notably embedded patterns and designs.

Many manufacturers have made jeans, jackets, skirts and similar garb in this style, but Stampd's version adheres to its iconic style that has helped maintain its reputation as an "avantstreet" brand. With its basic, high-brow style that has made it a cherished acumen amongst high street fashion, the challenge of incorporating such clean, exquisite design into a fabric as multifaceted as denim certainly makes this limited release worthwhile. Head on over to, starting today, and check out this exclusive line before it sells out