200 Press.

London-based EDM producer James Blake has released a new four track single through his own digital label, 1-800-Dinosaur. Made available both stateside and overseas in the UK, it can also be streamed on Spotify.

Titled 200 Press, the 7" double single blends ambient noise, familiar, folk-born croons and the magnetic rhythm of finely diced synth beats to create a seamless sound that is indisputably his own. An unsettling, but mounting story is gathering steam through each track, and perhaps its lack of a climactic beat drop is its penultimate and thematic climax. The final track, "Words That We Both Know," is a poem composed and performed by Blake himself;  a work of solitary, benevolent art in and of itself, its intonation ties the gradation of sounds emerging in previous tracks. An ode to lonely revelations? The remarkable beauty in maybe being lost? That is for you to decide.

Have a listen below.

For a more in-depth examination on the methods and tones Blake incorporated into his music, check out the interview he gave to the weekly Australian online publication RusshMagazine. There, he discusses the lure of making widely digestible music, and the contradiction in knowing he wants and needs to be an alternative option from mainstream EDM. His musings, coupled with insightful narrative, are certainly revealing and add a layer of prolific resonance to his already intriguing sound.