GM005 + Interview: 2ToneDisco

#GM005 is here courtesy of our friends 2ToneDisco!
Right off the heels of their debut EP, Shojo, which is out now on Play Me Records, these boys put together a very versatile mix of 8bit sounds, trap bangers, and emoji music. We asked our friends a few questions to welcome them to their new home of LA, so while you're listening to our new mix, get to know them better!

Your live show is fantastic. Do you think the live elements are something more people are going out of their way to see?

James - Thank you haha, yea I think you don’t see much live integration in DJ sets, it’s either mostly live or DJ. I think you definitely leave an impression when you mix the two.

Omni - I think whether or not more people are going out of their way to SEE them, artists are definitely going out of their way to CREATE them. I feel like there are 10x more intriguing live shows now than there was even a couple years ago. People are really trying to up their game which is cool.

*Tracklist at the end of the interview.

Any future wishes to take 2toneDisco overseas?

O- Yeah, Definitely Japan since that's where a lot of the influence from the music comes from. I'd also really like to go over to Europe to play to. Music has allowed me to travel to places I would have never seen otherwise so I really wanna continue that.

J- I think we both feel the same about Japan, it would be cool to see the rest of Asia as well.

Are you nervous or excited for the new Star Wars films?



O- I'm excited. There are some people that are treating it like the approach of the antichrist, but people felt the same way about The Phantom Menace and that movie, still had arguably one of the best lightsaber fight scenes in Star Wars history.

J- I am excited, especially with the track record of the new director. Also the fact that Boba Fett actually survived the Sarlacc pit. Fingers crossed for that second appearance. 

What's your favourite gaming franchise of all time?

O- It's a tie between Kingdom Hearts and Metal Gear Solid. I'm a sucker for a long, convoluted, dramatic narrative and those 2 series have kind of mastered that.

J- Same.

We know you guys just moved to LA recently, What do you think of the city so far? 

J- So much opportunity and if you are in great company you will meet so many motivated and nice individuals.

O- The city is amazing. I mean it's definitely not a place I want to grow old, but it's kind of a paradise for anybody who's young, active, and trying to do something with their life.



Do you guys miss home at all?

J- I think it’s the family/gf etc and financial comfort, but I feel like I am working on dreams here.

O- I definitely miss the affordability and my family at times, but that's about all I miss.

Your new track "Sakurai" is stylistically, a lot different from your EP. Were you guys just having fun with this track or pursuing new avenues of interest?

O- Well I'm constantly starting songs and producing them at different paces (some get wrapped up in a month, others can take up to 10 months) and as time goes on, I think my production style gradually changes. So I may start a song when I'm really feeling "trap" and not finish it until 6 months later after I've started taking some influence from "jersey club" or "future bass". The end result is a lot of really stylistically mixed up songs haha. That's the long explanation for why Sakurai sounds different from Shojo.

J- I think the styles evolve as new stuff comes out and we get inspired, even if it’s not by a piece of music.

James, do you feel any pressure to keep up with your incredibly dapper partner?

I used to dress up and try but now I have settled for leather jackets as my thing. Occasionally I will try but it’s hard to keep up with that extensive bow tie collection.

Any other claims to fame?

O- I dunno. I'm pretty good at DDR. 

J- Almost went to Korea to compete in an MMORPG Competition for “Ragnorak”. 


#GM005 Tracklist:

2ToneDisco - Shojo

Grant Bowtie - Vivid

instupendo - all choked up.

Kaskade x Adam K x Soha - 4AM (JayKode Remix)

Kan Takahiko - NRG

Fan Fiction - l0st

Sable & Promnite - OMG

8Er$ - Indestructable

Sophie - Lemonade (ESQ Remix)

2ToneDisco - Do Your Thing (IOWA Remix)

2ToneDisco - Games

Ryan Hemsworth - Cold & Tempted

CAV3DIGG3R - Love when you can.

Hitmane - Better Friends

Sushi Killer - Trap Your World

2ToneDisco - Wana


Hannah Diamond - Every Night (Lil Mystic Edit)

Coyote Kisses - Ferrari

2ToneDisco - PBR

R. Kelly - Cookie (Mace Remix)

三毛猫ホームレス - そばが食べたい

ILOVEMAKONNEN - Tuesday (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)

2ToneDisco - Catnip

fazerock - Bring me back

Trippy Turtle vs Geek Boy - Light of Trippy (2ToneDisco Mash)

Meek Mill - Levels (Baht Remix)

Wayvee - Plain Sight (Zuper Edit)

tdoyle - Face 2 Face

2ToneDisco - Sakurai